Gay Tantra rituals is a safe space free of judgements where you can be true yourself .

Get to know my unique approach and discover massage rituals inspired by Tantra. 
Tantra massage

Tantra massage is a unique and sophisticated ritual originating in tantra philosophy and principles, which is becoming increasingly popular with man and women and couples all over the world. It is an introduction into the world of bodily sensuality, tender care and exciting discoveries of ecstatic feelings. It is a way of getting out of every day common limits and to fully give into the present moment. Tantra massage takes on a form of an intimated ritual between a giver and a receiver where it connects elements of old fashioned tantra and Tao techniques and a classical massage with a personal approach, sensitive attention and a deep energy work which causes you not only to relax into the tantra massage but also get filled with excitement, tenderness, life force and inspiration. A giver is a sensitive guide who helps a receiver discover and further develop his or hers own sexuality.

Tantra massage gets you young, beautiful and heals on the level of body and mind.

What you experience during a Tantra Massage Ritual?

First you will be warmly welcomed in my apartment with cup of hot tea and we will talk about your expectations and whatever you are interested about. Tantra massage is not impersonal or mechanical approach but a real and often deep meeting of two people full of sensitivity, respect and body attention as well as the soul of the receiver. Although there is a primarily set up framework each massage is a unique ritual between the giver and a receiver depending on their mutual energy. Considering both personalities, the client and a masseur or a masseuse, the form varies in details; tantra principles and quality of massage procedure remain the same. There is a lot of space for intuition and following energy of the present moment which is an inseparable part of each tantra massage.

Tantra massage limits

Only within clear limits, open communication and respect it is possible to reach a deep and intense mutual experience.

Tantra massage regards discovering sexuality within your body and an important part of it is respecting the limits of the giver, your Tantric Guide. During a Tantra Massage Ritual, a receiver remains always passive and accepting so there is NO space for sex or any erotic exchange with a masseur.

Positive effects of tantra massage

The ritual of tantric massage not only brings new intimate experiences, but also helps to connect with yourself and your body. It learns to share intimacy with your partner, communicate openly with respect to yourself and others. Tantric massage also has a positive effect on health. It reliably relieves you off tension and stress, relaxes muscles and supports blood circulation. It has a beneficial effect on lack of energy, anxiety and depression caused by lack of care and intimate touch. They will teach you healthy self-love as well as respect and openness in relationships. It can help with erection problems, prostate, premature ejaculation, painful sexual intercourse or non-physiological problems with pregnancy. Tantric massage for couples is also very popular because it promotes mutual attraction and trust and brings new knowledge and interesting inspiration.