Will I be naked during the massage?


In tantric massage, nudity is considered a sign of openness and understanding of one's own body. It makes it easier to get rid of all emotional blocks and shame and enjoy the pleasures of freedom and relaxation. During the massage you are naked, covered only by a sarong, which the masseur gradually reveals. The masseur starts a sarong massage and usually puts it off during the massage. It only depends on mutual trust.



Is sex part of the massage and can I touch the masseur during the massage?


Tantric massage is not about mutual sexual exchange, but about discovering sexuality within your body, immersion in oneself and in one's own intimacy. Therefore, during tantric massage you are exclusively in the receiving passive role, you are pampered, without the right to reciprocity. You can forget everything you have learned and do so ever and discover something new, something enriching and inspiring that can affect your whole life. An important aspect of tantric massage is respect for the masseur's boundaries. In tantric massage, there is no room for any sexual or other erotic interaction with the masseur.




What if I get an erection during the massage?


Probably yes. Or maybe not. There is nothing suitable or inappropriate in tantric massage. Intimate massage is an integral part of tantric massage and has energizing and healing effects. It makes no demands and is very pleasant, regardless of whether you have an erection or not. Only your feelings and experiences are important.

Many men today are too focused on performance and achieving specific goals. Erection is perceived as an expression of masculinity and sexual success. As a result, men are under a lot of pressure, which often results in erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. In tantric massage, the presence of an erection does not determine the degree of your masculinity. You feel respect and acceptance of who you are and how you experience things. Thanks to this approach, tantric massage is free of prejudices and expectations and can be a healing process during which you allow your body to be authentic and natural.




What if I have an orgasm during the massage?
Does every massage end with a "Happy End"?


Orgasm is a spontaneous and natural reaction of the body to a high degree of arousal. During tantric massage, all the natural reactions of your body are accepted. It doesn't matter if he experiences an orgasm physically or not.

Tantra is original because it teaches to experience, for many, as yet unknown, whole-body orgasm, which is a state of absolute bliss that is independent of physical orgasm (ejaculation). This internal orgasm is characterized by a complete loss of conscious control, complete surrender to physical experience. You will feel energy and bliss throughout the body, which lasts long after the massage itself. Tantric breathing techniques, with which the masseur will acquaint you in advance, will enhance the power of this experience. Let things flow and find out what feelings tantra massage will bring to your body and mind.



Can I take a shower before and after the massage?


During tantric massage, it is very important to feel physical purity, both on the part of the client and the masseur. Shower before and after the massage is a matter of course. Each massage parlor is equipped with a shower.

The masseur takes a shower before each massage and treats his hands with antibacterial soap or gel. Intimate massage can be performed in latex gloves on request.