I perceive Tantra as a magical connection between a relaxing massage and a kind touch of the soul and the art of self-love. It gives room for a complete escape from the often demanding and exhausting reality, in which the achievement of perfect performance in every situation is evaluated. It offers a pleasant time in which you stop the flow of negative thoughts, emotions and learn to experience the moment right here and now. I like that tantra is based on nature and mutual respect. At the same time, tantra taught me that one does not only have to give love, but everyone also deserves to be its recipient. I believe that our mutual journey will be an enriching and unforgettable experience.


In life, I enjoy its diversity and variety. I like to discover new things and overcome the challenges that fate is preparing for me. At the same time, I like rules and rules that help lead my life in the right direction. My biggest hobby is fitness and a healthy lifestyle, which I perceive as key to "well being". I like to spend time in the company to the sounds of a roaring big city, but sometimes I need to spend an evening with a nice book and my inner peace. Life has taught me that everything that happens in it has a reason and a meaning. Even a negative experience can move a person forward and pass on a message to him. There is never anything black and white and it only depends on what shade you find in it.