Tantra is not only my profession, but also the philosophy of life. Thanks to tantra, we get deeper into the body to our feelings and emotions and thus deeper to ourselves and what we need. At the same time, Tantra helps us realize what we want and what we do not want, it teaches us how to communicate better with our surroundings about our needs. It shows and teaches us how to behave towards ourselves and our wishes, goals and intentions and how to promote overall satisfaction and harmony in our own lives and in the lives of others.


I have been devoting myself to overall self-development for about 15 years, when I became more interested in psychology and also things "between heaven and earth", directly tantra more since about 2013, tantric massage professionally since January 2016. I am fascinated by the human body, which can enjoy a fully present moment with everything. That is, if the mind does not overwhelm him. I deal not only with tantric massages, but also with bioenergetic massages, together with work with individual bioenergetic character traits, which can be changed by working with the body. I try to connect everything with the psyche and my knowledge of psychosomatic therapy, which I am currently training.


I am also interested in psychology and its use in daily life, effective communication and also the fundamental physiological differences between a man and a woman and their differing views, especially in relationships. I draw energy primarily in nature, by the sea, in the mountains, in the woods or while walking in the park. I like to get to know other countries and other cultures, I have spent almost 4 years in New Zealand and I love music, dance and all the spontaneous expressions that bring me joy.


  • Tantra massage training in professional practice

  • Classical "Swedish" massage course

  • Biodynamic massages - MUDr. Bc. Dana Hlaváčková

  • First psychic help - Jana Kučerová -

  • Psychotherapeutic center POD KROVY

  • I am currently in a one-year individual training in Psychosomatic Therapy - Robert Trebicki

  • Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage course

  • Classical Thai massage course - David Kopecký

  • Mystery 1 - dare to go beyond - Petr Malek

  • The Art of Conscious Being, Quantum Tantra - Tomáš Michal

  • Tantra courses at Tantra Institute Prague for beginners and advanced - Petr Manguri - regular courses

  • Renata Angelo - Quantum Leap

  • Petr Havlan - Firewalking

  • Tantric practice - two six-month shifts - Mr. and Mrs. Komed

  • Reiki I. - initiation into Reiki energy - Alena Šimáková

  • Course of conscious tantric BDSM - Phase A and Phase B - Canabelle

  • Conscious King and Shadow Tantra Practitioner Training - Seani Love