For me, Tantra is the art of living consciously, of being able to choose what makes me happy, of creating deep and fulfilling human relationships, intimacy, security, sincerity, and connecting with oneself. The art of making love, treating sexuality and experiencing moments of connection and ecstasy that I thought might not exist.



Our society is evolving very fast, the requirements for our skills, how we look and how much we earn are still higher. We spend more and more time on social networks, dating sites and we look at our phones more often instead of noticing what is happening around us. However, we must not forget that evolution is very slow and people have been always need of warmth of home, sacrifice, human touch, family, intimacy and fulfilling interpersonal relationships for happiness. Nowadays, however, the space for these things under the pressure of everything we have to be, what we have to manage, the masks that we have to wear every day, constantly adapting to something new, is disappearing more and more.


Tantra is a hundred-year-old tool that will help us not to get lost at this time, not to lose ourselves, who we are and what we really need for a happy life. Whatever we do in life, we always come to the conclusion that we do it out of love, out of love for others or for ourselves. Tantra helps us to simplify this test and guide us consciously after it.


Tantra's courses and seminars have helped me understand how one works from a spiritual perspective. Seminars about neurolinguistics programming  and hypnosis how we work from a scientific point of view and a number of professional massage courses about how our physical body responds.




In my 6 years  experiences I mainly work with male sexuality, courses and tantra rituals with me are chosen mainly by gays, men who are just discovering their sexuality, couples who want to move somewhere together and last but also womens who feel safe with me and realise that as A man who works mostly with men knows perfectly how they work and what they need. So i am the perfect one to teach thereabout men sexuality.



I have loved nature since I was a child, especially animals. They are pure souls to me, like a dog… he loves you for what you are, and he doesn't care what you look like, what you are wearing or whether or not you have money. He just rejoices every time you're with him. Therefore, a walk around the zoo or the forest is a deep relaxation for me. I really like to cook, especially when it's for whom. The biggest adversaries in my life are prejudices, which I actively try to break down and show that it is necessary to look at things in depth and individually, not to be afraid of the unknown and try to know something first and only then form an opinion.  My biggest passion is traveling as well. I love to travel alone same as i love traveling with my friends and share the adventure together. Lean on window in airplane , listen my favourite music and watch the clouds giving me a feeling of my safe space and calmness.