In today's society, it often happens that the body is the last thing we think about. But without the body we would not even exist, and without

care for him and his energy, our existence is also not satisfactory or optimal.


My massage is designed

for those of you who like to feel and accept touch and the associated pleasant feelings of pleasure and care.

In an atmosphere of acceptance, lightness and timelessness, you allow your body to rest and recharge your batteries. You will experience moments

The flow of electrical energy throughout your body and your sexual energy develops into feelings of well-being, tenderness or

deep calm.


I have many years of experience working with the body and its energy potential.

I have studied the psychology of health and nutrition, my name is personal development and spirituality is not far from me. I visited several times

India and practice yoga and meditation.

Tantra taught me to approach the body and sexuality with respect, revealed the world of orgasmic experience, erroneous bliss,

states of expanded consciousness and harmony, erotic innocence, healing and the power of erotic energy - experiences

everyone can know.


For me, Tantra means holistic care, where we touch and fulfill ourselves and develop the deeper aspects of our being.

in connection with everything.

I would like to share with you my knowledge, attention and touch.

Give yourself a gift at this time and treat yourself to tantric care!