With David and the tantric center for the first time today, and the experience is so strong and so fresh that it's hard for me to find suitable and apt words so that I don't repeat what others have already written. David managed 3.5 hours of massage perfectly. In addition to an indescribable experience, I appreciate David's creativity, his massage style sometimes reminiscent of an artist's performance. I highly recommend it to everyone who is busy, still working and not forever - go, it's worth it, you will relax, you will relax. David, very nice and nice clients to you and good luck in your personal life. I hug and I will remember it for a long time.


Radek, 42 ​​years old

Rafi - Jordan

We met yesterday and this guy basically unlocked my real sexual passion which I had never explored. He welcomes you for a nice chat with a cup of tea beforehand to ease your stress and know more about you (BTW he is ,knowledgable, cultured and down to earth guy) then the massage was MIND BLOWING, never like anyting I had before, very sensual and tailored to my needs. He used feathers and soft silky stuff that felt so good. A healing experience that I will never forget. Thank you my dear, wish you all the best.


Yesterday's massage with David was an absolutely excellent, great and powerful experience, it will be remembered for a long time, thank you very much. I'd love to be back.




Tantric massage with masseur David was my first. I didn't know what to expect from her, but my worries soon dissipated. At first we talked a little. The room was beautifully scented and pleasant music played. The massage then started standing and then we moved to the mat. It's hard to put into words what I've been through, but I've never experienced anything like it and it was very pleasant. I was very happy with the massage and I thank David very much for his massage and also the knowledge about tantra that he told me during the interview after the massage. I highly recommend the massage in your center and I'm already looking forward to the next visit.




From the point of view of an economist, a digital spy, I can tell you that I perceive the price for a massage as the best investment I have ever made in my physical and mental health. From a human point of view, I haven't felt so great in a long time. It still doesn't bother me how a masseur can handle such an enormous performance (in my case, a tantric Deluxe massage for 3.5 hours) and not fall out of it. Thank you very much again for the indescribable and beautiful experience and I look forward to next time.




I would like to thank you for a wonderful massage in the dark with masseur David. David, thank you very much, it was another unforgettable experience. The massage met my desires and ideas beyond my expectations. Thank you also for the wonderful interview and advice you gave me. As I told you myself, it can be seen in Your sincere eyes that you do the work with great love for people and that you really enjoy the work. The first time I visited the center with a little apprehension, today I feel completely safe there and the discretion really applies there. The masseur you choose according to the photo gallery also corresponds to reality. Have a nice day to the center.




Yesterday I experienced my first Tantric massage in my life. I was massaged by David and I must say that it was a very nice experience. David showed great professionalism. For the first time, mine completely met my expectations.




I was very satisfied with the tantric massage with the masseur David. I had a three-hour Deluxe massage and it passed very quickly. The massage was perfect and also the approach of masseur David was very helpful and professional. It was my first experience with tantra massage and I'm excited, so I'll definitely buy another voucher for masseur David.




Finally a real tantra and a proper tantric massage! When I left David after more than three hours, I was shown not only all his wonderful touches and techniques, but also his enthusiasm, deep connection, attention to detail and electrifying atmosphere during the whole massage. His manly closeness and interpenetrating energies throughout the massage confirmed to me that everything was supposed to be like this, and I look forward to having an early repeat with David, because you walk away from him full of energy.




Have a nice day,

I visited your center and met the amazing, fantastic masseur David. Upon arrival, the receptionist introduced me to the massage parlor and offered me tea, and after a while she brought and introduced the masseur David. From the first moment, it was as if we had known each other for a long time. His charisma and sincerity got me so comfortable that any worries, shame and unpleasant feelings from the unknown suddenly disappeared. I could talk to David about anything. Few people may realize this, that in addition to the massage itself, they can actually talk a little and tell a completely stranger things that you probably wouldn't even tell your closest friend. After a short conversation, the masseur invited me to go to the shower, which is part of the massage parlor, so you don't have to go anywhere else. After taking a shower, I tied a sarong around my waist and called a masseur with a ready bell. He stood in front of me and began a foot-up massage. Then he hugged me and I didn't even notice that I was suddenly completely naked. He challenged me to lie down on the prepared mat and start an amazing massage. I have never experienced such a sensual delight. At times I got carried away and wanted to reciprocate by stroking, but David is a complete professional and immediately let me know that tantra massage is about something other than cuddling, stroking, etc. That he is the one who gives and I am the one who receives. I will not go into further details of the massage, which ended to my surprise with a deep and fulfilling feeling in the whole body. If anyone is hesitant about this massage, I can only recommend it. Some may find the price high, but you are actually investing in yourself and in a lifelong experience. The experience itself can no longer be described in words ... you have to experience it yourself to understand what I am trying to write about. There is only one danger ... and that is that you will like the center so much that it will become an addictive drug and you will want to come again and again




Dear David, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful experience you prepared for me during today's tantric massage. I don't think the word "massage" can describe the powerful energy experience that almost every cell of my body participated in. With emotion, I felt that our contact was not a routine job for you, but a mission that you perform with love. Be healthy. Your client Daniel




I have visited your Na Čečeličce center 5 times already. Because I wanted to experience something completely new, different, I chose masseur David for my first visit. I've never experienced something so amazing before. This caused my second and then another visit. I also got to know Martin and Nari. A really top professional approach and I congratulate you on such collaborators. When I first went to the center, I admit that I was quite worried about what might await me in such a house. The house from the outside looks very old, only a small backlit bell did not inspire much confidence to ring and enter. Eventually I realized that Prague is about old houses, that's why it's so beautiful and I often go there. There is still something to discover. I was extremely surprised by the equipment and design of the center. Its cosiness, perfect attitude of the receptionist. What I appreciate most is the discretion and the way the whole salon is run. The massage itself has always been absolutely fantastic. Thank you!



David's gift of 3 hours of tantric care, which he gave me during my tantric massage, was a completely unshakable and unprecedented experience for me. It exceeded all my expectations, with which I went on the tantra for the first time in my life. I chose the "Tantric Initiation Ritual" for the first time, and I must say that I did one hundred percent well. I spent the three hours outside this world, fully accepting David's energy, which he gave me through his body and mind, which led to my absolute relaxation - true nirvana. I was full of (new to me) spiritual energy and I felt its power long after I left your center. Thank you very much and I highly recommend to all the undecided
I write the review one week after this tantric experience and I still feel the effect of the transmitted energy and new strength. See you soon!




I received a very friendly and human approach from David. I think he is an extraordinary personality and I can recommend meeting him to anyone who needs help getting to know themselves.




David is an absolutely excellent tantric masseur, I have never experienced anything like it. Before this experience, I thought that tantric massage was simply an erotic service. But this is something completely different. I have never experienced such depth in my life, I left and felt like a different person. Thanks a lot, David. I will definitely arrive again soon, because I want to move on again.




Many thanks to David for a great tantra massage! As a masseur, I have almost forgotten what it is like to be the recipient. I'd love to be back.




Tantra massage came into my life by accident, as a gift. Over time, I feel that I probably even secretly wished for her. I came to the harmonious place of Tantra massage Prague and met the wonderful man David. But from the beginning, I chose David deliberately, because he specializes in men, and I wanted, as always for myself the best and what suits me best. I wanted someone who understood men well by their very nature. I got a really individual and warm approach, he was there all the time just for me and he focused only on me. And every time I was with him, he was there for me. Every encounter with him was different and unrepeatable.

The first meeting completely changed my perception of life. I came up with it, to completely surrender to something I had no idea about, and what is written or said where it has to a real tantra like this one is far away. It all started so gently and naturally. The Tantra massage center has beautiful rooms, where a person is brought into a harmonious state while waiting for the beginning of his massage. The harmony of smells, colors, sounds, objects and room equipment in itself contributes to a relaxed atmosphere where I felt very comfortable. After a short acquaintance, I closed my eyes and let myself be carried away by the ritual of tantra massage. I perceived every detail, I felt every movement and touch, I focused only on it. It was so amazing that everything I had in my head before disappeared. Everything went smoothly, for each part I wished it lasted forever, but more and more parts came that were even better than the previous ones.

At times, I felt that I was achieving total harmony and relaxation of my body, which brings me inner joy, and in the strongest places, it was also accompanied by crying, which helped me cleanse myself and wash out negative feelings. In the end, I felt like someone pleasantly different. David is a man who leads a massage with intuition and a wave of harmony, his every move is focused, thoughtful. He can feel when to be gentle and when to go to a firm embrace. During the massage, he fully understands my every speech and conducts the massage as if to tell him how I feel and what I want. I can recommend a tantra massage with David to anyone who wants to experience a real tantra massage.




Alain, 60, France


Totally awesome! I spent the best two hours of my life. Last Saturday I visited Prague and decided to visit the Tantra massage salon in Prague. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by a nice girl who spoke perfect English. I felt relaxed and happy the moment I walked in. She took me to the massage parlor, told me to relax and offered me fruit and tea. I felt really welcome and relaxed here. I can't praise David enough, because it was he who led me up my steps to heaven. I'm always tense and I don't like to be touched. I also automatically create mental barriers. But David was somehow able to tear down these walls, and it was easy for me to communicate with him. Maybe it's his non-conflicting demeanor, his cheerful mood and his sincere interest. Whatever the reason, David is probably the only person I can trust. I would like to recommend Tantra massage Prague to everyone, but above all I recommend masseur David. I can assure you that I will come to visit you again!


Hedon, 34


David and I had the best moments of my life! It was exactly as described on the website. But he was even more. Young, discreet, playful, someone who loves what he does, gentle, caring, professional, sensitive, attentive to all my needs. I had two 3.5-hour Deluxe Tantric massages with him on two consecutive days, but it wasn't enough for me. Besides, I also experienced a ritual in the bathtub with him, when we flew together over the clouds into the wonderland. You must experience a ritual bath with it. He also taught me proper breathing techniques. I've been to tantric massage in other countries, but this is something else. It is a unique experience. I will definitely return to Prague, even if it wasn't for work, definitely for a massage with David.


Fara (40)


Excellent tantric massage based on intuition, talent and experience. An amazing person with whom you can even talk. I will recommend it to my friends. Thank you, David for a special and unique tantric massage!




I can only and only recommend David. He loves his job and does it with passion. With his great approach, he will show you the best of tantric massage.




David is a nice man with wonderful energy. He is very polite, still smiling, but he is also a real professional. In addition, he is an excellent masseur who works great with energy, gives his all and his massages are extremely relaxing. David also has great access to tantra. Do not miss the opportunity to be pampered like a king, because that is how you will feel during his massage. I highly recommend it. Thank you!




Amazing experience! An excellent tantric massage with David, which was definitely not my last. David is a great man.




This young and handsome man knows how to touch properly so that your body and mind relax. When he massaged me, I felt completely free and present with all my senses. I wanted to enjoy every moment of this extraordinary tantric massage. I'm really happy to meet him. I hope you are lucky and meet him. Thank you so much, David, for your time with you. I hope to see you again!




A really beautiful massage from an amazing man who knows what he is doing and who can take care of the client properly. Don't miss it.




I can only sincerely recommend David. Thanks to his perfect hands, I was literally in seventh heaven. Tantric massage with him evoked in me a number of emotions and experiences that I will never forget. He was able to sense exactly what I needed at the time and take me beyond all my previous experiences. David is just a real professional and I'm sure I'm not in the Tantra massage studio in Prague for the last time.




I found David on the internet and I was kidnapped that there was someone in Prague with such talent. David greeted me warmly and a ready massage parlor was waiting for me, where music was playing, incense sticks smelled and lighted candles were burning. It was very pleasant and created a nice atmosphere. David talked to me for a while about what tantra is to help me better understand what I can expect from a massage. But I was wrong - it was much better than I imagined. Every bit of my body covered with expert touches, from the more dynamic to the subtle, from head to toe and back again and again. He is a very caring and sensitive man who loves what he does and shows it off as well. When I left, I didn't have the classic feeling of exhaustion that I normally have after a massage. Instead, I left full of energy. Everything now seems connected to me, from my elbow to the inside of my thighs and from my ankle to the place behind my ear. I can't praise him enough!




Today I had the pleasure of meeting David. He has magical hands that will take you to another world.




I usually go for a classic massage, sometimes a hot stone massage, occasionally I go for a Thai massage, but sometimes you get to the point where you want to try something different that you have never experienced before. For me, that moment has come now. For a long time I searched the internet, read various pages and considered whether to really try tantra massage. In the end, your site convinced me with its professionalism. I found answers to questions about what tantra massage is and how to approach a book, which I didn't even think to ask. I chose masseur David for the massage, thanks to his nice appearance and good references. I don't regret for a second that I really experienced my first tantra massage with him! Immediately after arriving at the tantra center, I was introduced to the massage room, which looked very calm, was beautifully decorated and full of candles and scents. I had tea and fruit ready and then David came and we started talking. His approach was very warm and friendly, and his concept of tantra impressed me very trustworthily and authentically. I took a shower and then we started with a standing ritual in which we stood facing each other, then David approached me and started touching me, and I immediately felt that this would be something special. I sensed David's passion and passion, as well as his strength and closeness. It was unbelievable how quickly all my inhibitions dropped and I felt I was in good hands. The whole massage was then in the rhythm of mutual "flow". I enjoyed every single moment. David looks young, but he is wise, charismatic and firm and his massage is not only mechanical, but really experienced. Every moment, every touch. Everything is completely natural and pleasant. What more can I say? At the end, I hugged him and almost cried with the impression that I decided to try a tantra massage with him. It was beautiful. I can only recommend. I'm already wondering when my next massage will be. Thank you, David!


Josh (35)


I completed the tantra massage for the first time in my life and I am glad that I completed it with David. He brought me into total relaxation and it was an experience that cannot be described! I didn't want it to end. Next time I will definitely use the possibility of a longer massage.




This is the second time I've met David this week. If it was good the first time, then this time it was something fantastic. I literally fell in love with him. I knew he was trustworthy and reliable, so I was relaxed, and so was he. A truly amazing experience. Thank you, David! I hope you enjoyed the massage as much as I did.




Thank you, David, for the best evening of my life! It was my first experience with tantric massage and I'm still amazed! You are an amazing, nice and playful person with a huge amount of experience and chartism. Right from the door, it was an incredibly sensory experience for me thanks to the music, candles and the smell, but the best part was your sensual, attentive, strong and amazing massage. I also really enjoyed our conversation after the massage. I can still feel your hands on my body. Thank you for a really special moment. David is a real professional. I highly recommend his services and not a word is enough.




In the center of Tantra massage Prague I experienced an amazing four-hand massage with masseur David and masseuse Eva. They were both very nice and professional. They will warmly welcome you, talk to you about the massage for a while and thanks to that you will feel comfortable. The massage is incredibly relaxing and at the same time warm and gentle. They both really love what they do and you feel it. I will definitely meet them again.




A few days ago, I was lucky enough to meet masseur David. During the Tantric Deluxe massage, he introduced me to something I would not have considered possible before. A great tantric massage that was not only relaxing, but also incredibly exciting and energizing. I felt a great connection between us. Thank you for this amazing experience.




First of all, I would like to praise your professional website, especially the video demonstrations. Communication with the reception either by e-mail when ordering as well as upon arrival was excellent. The receptionist was very nice and immediately upon arrival she offered me tea and fruit. I had a massage with a bath at David's. He had an excellent approach and the reality corresponded to what was on the video. At the beginning we talked briefly and David explained to me what tantra massage is all about. I left completely relaxed.




Second time I got a massage with David. It has been a wonderful time. I was very stressed when I arrived, after 2 hours of tantric massage from toes to the top of my head, I was feeling so well, that I would have like to have a complete day of massage. Thanks a lot to David for his skill and also for his kindness. Be sure I will come back on my next stay in Prague.


Alain, 61 years, France


I tried tantra massage more times before but with him it was really like the touch of paradise, simple said my best tantra yet. He is full of energy and he knows how to work with your energy. He leads you to sense your own physical and sensory perception and leads you to open mind and to active searching your happiness. He is very kind and communicative and our reconciliation during massage was absolute. If you are the real fan of tantra you must meet with him. Thumbs up.


Mike, 41, Netherlands


I visit David last Saturday. 3 days after I visited him and I am still in the wonderful energy of this unique experience. I went without any expectations and willing to surrender myself completely to the “now” moment and enjoy the tantric massage journey. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience, where time seemed to be vanished. Every touch was an unconditional touch with love and tenderness.

David is a very sweet man with a big heart, an Angel who knows what he is doing. He is a very well-trained professional masseur. He receives me in a beautiful atmosphere and has an eye for detail.

I took a full sessions which is its value more than worth it and not comparable with other massage which I tried before. The massage of David is a unique journey into heaven, a one of a kind experience that is difficult to find so enjoy the journey of receiving love energy and being loved. I will definitely go back to David because for me, he offers the best Tantra massage that I ever experienced in my life. Thank you David for everything you are.




David is a genius. It was one of the best experiences of my life. During my tantra journey I was able to reconnect with a part of myself that seemed lost. I feel blessed and very grateful for that opportunity. Besides that it was a wonderful, pleasurable experience where I felt 100% comfortable, understood and safe to really relax, feel and let it flow. Thank you!




If you are a man looking in Tantra for more than erotic massage from a man you need look no further than David. I put myself in his hands today and have never in my life had such a wonderful massage and I have had loads over the years. In part that was because with the breathing I have learnt I could stay with every moment and not drift off. It was extremely relaxing, enlivening and pleasurable. I can't recommend him highly enough. I shall return in my next visit to Prague.




This is day 1 after my experience with David, although the word experience is not appropriate. Besides, no word exists to describe what I lived. A mixture of sweetness, generosity, delicacy, emotions, sensations, inner happiness, reconnection with the body, passion, sincere and unconditional love, fusion.

For a long time, I hesitated to take the step of discovering this world of tantra. Supposedly, my body & my mind were not ready yet. Choosing a good tantric masseur is not easy, choosing David is obvious as his philosophy is clear, limpid, coming from the depths of him. To meet David is first of all a privilege, a chance, a gift.

As an occasional masseur I know a pleasure of providing a well-being as an creator of a positive energy that is beyond us. I felt this pleasure during our moment; for it is indeed there, our moment, where one or two beings merge to form one, in the trust of each other, in the transmission and in the reception of tantra.

I arrived without special expectations, giving free rein to my body so that it reappropriates each part of itself according to the touched points, massed by David. The energy received exceeded all I could ever imagine. Many cellular ecstasy moments occurred, tears of emotion sank twice, feeling blessed to be treated with as much attention as never before.
This never-ending moment, where one feels oneself leaving for other horizons, sincerely and truly loved, without having to give back is happiness. My body shared a bit of that love by merging energetically. David confessed me that he had a special connection during our time. Just to rethink, emotion is still present; spasms which are regularly present throughout my body are gone since yesterday, as ecstasy continues.

For all who have seen the film Avatar, the image that comes to my mind characterizing this fusion that I experienced is the moment when the Na'vi connects to the tree of life to make only ONE. The image can drive you to smile, nevertheless, represents our connection of consciousness.

We then continued with a ritual bath. An experience not to be missed where we unite with the water and all being thanks to his powerful energy. The gentle exfoliation revitalizes the skin, watering is revealing sensations increased tenfold.

I feel so grateful to have discovered this master in his philosophy of life.

Thank you David for what you have, we will meet again very soon.




I enjoyed my tantra massage with David very much. He had a kind and personal approach, explained beforehand what would happen and did a very relaxing and professional massage. He was available for the time that I requested, and he prepared the room on time. I liked the studio, the massage room was equipped with shower and toilet facilities, the interior was comfortable and relaxing. I would choose a massage with David at your massage center again.