Absolute peak. I enjoyed a wonderful experience. With a very distinctive masseuse. She intuitively massaged the right points and transported me to another world.

I hope it resonates for a long time to come. My recommendation


Thank you for a nice experience with you Evo! I could really fully relax and forget about the stress of everyday life. It was  wonderful  .  Certainly  I will come again.


I really enjoyed the massage with Eva! He is very professional and can adapt to your needs and overall feeling. He knows and combines a wide range of massage techniques. I warmly recommend.


Today I had a massage with Eva, to say massage is an absolute underestimation, it was an absolutely noble experience! She is so skilled, soft, sensual and sensitive - I was completely kidnapped !! I can't wait to come back for another.


My experience with tantra Rituals was definitely a more authentic tantric massage than in most places in Prague. . For me, I was most surprised, Eva is  a really beautiful lady who personally looks even better than her photos, from the first moment I entered the massage parlor, I felt good. She has a very sensual touch and a beautiful personality, thanks to which time was a very valuable experience with her, and I was able to really enjoy every moment.


Dear Evo

I would like to thank you for a truly amazing experience! I enjoyed every minute of massage and during those 3 hours, I felt very comfortable and safe with you. I experienced a feeling of exaltation, acceptance with a big heart, my mind was open and my spirit still feels very playful!
The space you have created is beautiful, warm, light and pleasant. I know it's not easy and I really appreciate it.
With love. J.