The beautiful masseuse Gabriela is the person in the right place. I was incredibly surprised by her kind approach, right after we met. From the very beginning, I began to appreciate her professionalism and also the passion with which she did her mission, including her person. It's unbelievable and also a bit mysterious to me how much love and care she took care of me. Already during the first seconds of the opening ritual, I thought to myself "it is not possible" for someone to receive me beautifully and cleanly, with everything that belongs to me and what is part of me. I felt like my mother or a beautiful and loving sister who says "it's you and stay like that". All the rituals elaborated in detail and performed with absolute precision and ease took me into a completely different world. Into a world full of mysteries, mysticism and the sanctity of the present moment. Gabriela's many amazing abilities, which include controlling your breath and thus arousing the energy of the kundalini together with the massage, led me to the inner trance, which of course manifested itself on the outside. My sincere joy that I can be by the side of just as beautiful tantric priestess. I have been to many sacred places on our planet, but I have never felt so much of God's presence as with Gabriel. For me, the massage was a discovery of a new, unexpected one  Another part of the massage that I really appreciate is my awakened kundalini, which manifests itself in the fact that the next day I am without food and I do not feel hungry. So I give the cause to the higher state of consciousness that is the fault of Esther and her perfect touches to awaken my spinal serpent. Things happen the way they do when people record them. All I did was enter a beautiful cozy studio and Gabriela took care of the rest. After leaving, I am a very rich person thanks to her. Thank you Gabriel for a well-being that has no boundaries and wishes our soul. Thank you again and hopefully I will return to your kind arms soon. You're beautiful!


Dear Gabriel

Allow me to thank you once again in this way for my first experience with tantric massage, which I received just from you and through you. Thanks to your attunement, I "allowed myself" to completely relax my body and mind, and thus experienced moments of great gratitude for my own and all of life. Your leadership was professional and yet so intimate and "ordinary" human. You brought me into a state that transcended ordinary perception…, and you gave me a great impulse in my life, to deal with this transcendent state of mind more closely again. So thank you and I look forward to the next time :).


I would like to thank you at least in this way for the wonderful moments spent in your little beautiful studio and especially in the incredibly skilful hands of masseuse Gabriela, who was able to take away all worries with her care and taught me to fully enjoy this experience. My first visit was preceded by a long determination to this type of massage and acquaintance with tantra. Although I got a lot of useful and interesting information from your website, I came in very tense. However, with the entrance to the door, spaces full of peace, well-being and kindness also opened up for me. With the arrival of Miss Gabriela, a personality entered, full of beautiful smiles, understanding and tenderness, thanks to which all my worries floated away. Even during the introductory interview, it was clear that I was looking into the eyes of an intelligent person with a rich knowledge of tantric learning and enthusiasm for the possibility of applying it. My own massage was already a way out of this world, when everything ceased to exist except my person and the touches of Miss Masseuse, whose art provided me with a hitherto unknown relaxation and an influx of energy directed to my whole body. Thus intoxicated and fully devoted to my feelings, I flew to the moment when I was announced a "cruel" end, albeit with the possibility of a gradual return to reality. It wasn't until the final interview that I just began to realize what I had been through and searched in vain for words to describe. I can't help but appreciate the immense sensitivity and empathy of the masseuse, who only needed a few moments and a few sentences to recognize my mood and my needs. I was so impressed by the experience that I have repeated it several times and I am looking forward to being able to put myself in the care of Miss Gabriela again. Thank you for the moment when I had the opportunity to receive these beautiful experiences that enrich my life.