The massage from Michaela was pleasantly natural and relaxing, her approach fascinated me. She put something more into the massage, a piece of herself that she didn't have to, I really liked her sincerity and openness to me. I am very happy to have been able to spend pleasant moments with you and thank you very much for them.




The tantric massage at Michael's was perfect, I have nothing to complain about.




Michael's tantric massage was pleasantly relaxing for me. I must say that I really liked her sincerity and openness both during the massage and during the interview. Michaela is very natural in this respect, and I really appreciate that she can pleasantly guide me during tantric massages.


I think we sat down great and I have to say that Michaela is probably my blood type, because when I left your Tantra center she told me that she talks very nicely to me, which was a very pleasant finding for me and I will look forward to further developing tantric experiences with masseuse Misha. Thank you very much for her tantric experiences yesterday.




Massage from Michael intense and gentle. During the massage, I experienced pleasant tingling all over my body. I left in a pleasant mood and relaxed. Magdalena is also a beautiful and pleasant woman, from whom I really enjoyed the massage. The center in Staropramenná Street also has a pleasant intimate atmosphere. Communication with the reception was excellent.




The massage at Michael's was very beautiful, nicely relaxing, tantric. Michaela is a very nice masseuse, sensitive and her massage is very honest, intuitive and receptive. After the massage, I felt very relaxed, relaxed and uplifted.




I would like to thank Michael once again for an unforgettable massage. When I first saw her on your site, I knew that I would experience something interesting and unusual with her, I am glad that my sixth sense did not disappoint me. From the beginning, Miša put a piece of herself into the massage, something extra that she doesn't have to, but what she wants. The massage took place completely spontaneously without a linked scenario, just as the masseuse sensed that it was right at that moment. For a moment, I felt like a baby being cared for by my mother, and in a moment Magda turned into a goddess who determined where with the energy she had created. During the massage, we were suddenly in an Indian temple of tantra, where I had never been before. I left with a smile on my face, with incredibly positive energy and a sense of happiness. Every time I remember a massage, I find myself smiling. I believe that the experience will charge me for a long time, especially in the moments when you give it to me. I certainly wasn't with you last time.