Tantric massage ritual

Tantric massage is a unique and sophisticated ritual, in  which combines elements of original Tantric philosophy and Taoist techniques with  modern massage procedures, personal approach and sensitive attention. It brings not only deep relaxation, but also a rush of energy, excitement and inspiration. Through tantric massage you enter the world of sensuality, tender care and ecstatic feelings. You will get rid of the social limits of everyday life and fully enjoy the present moment. You will experience an intimate ritual that will help you discover and develop your own sexuality. You will feel younger and more beautiful on a physical and mental level.

Experience during a tantric massage ritual

The ritual of tantric massage is traditionally performed on a futon in the soft light of candles and tones of relaxing music in  safe and undisturbed environment. During the tantric massage, you will enjoy a truly colorful range of different experiences and feelings. You will be pampered with long and slow touches, but also dynamic and energizing touches. Your whole body warms up and relaxes under the fragrant hot towels, so that you can immediately enjoy the stimulation of your senses by touching the soft feathers and furs. You will indulge in a pleasant relaxing massage with quality natural oil. For longer rituals, your relaxation will be enhanced by a lava stone massage. During the tantric massage, care is paid to really every part of your body.

Unlike other types of massages, the ritual of tantric massage also includes massage of intimate parts. This is not an erotic massage, but a healing massage ritual that works on many levels of your being. During this part of the massage often occurs  shift v  sexual perception, you will experience excitement in a whole new way and discover the magic of meditative intimacy.

However, Tantra offers much more. The masseur will guide you through special breathing techniques that will help you open the way to  really perfect physical and mental relaxation and feel the flow of sexual energy. This energy  You will, in  in the form of a new zest for life, strength and inspiration, to accompany long after the end of the massage itself.

Boundaries in tantric massage

Authentic, deep and intense experience can only be achieved while respecting clearly defined mutual boundaries and open communication. Tantric massage is unique in  by helping to discover sexuality and arousal only in  within your own body. 

Tantric massage and nudity

 In tantric massage, nudity is seen as a sign of openness and acceptance of one's own body. Nudity helps to get rid of all emotional blocks and shame and allows you to enjoy the pleasures of freedom and relaxation. During the massage you will be naked, covered only by a sarong, which the masseur gradually uncovers. The masseur tantric massage ritual also begins in  sarong during the massage i usually puts it off. It all depends on the degree of respect and mutual trust. 

Effects  tantric massage

The ritual of tantric massage not only brings new intimate experiences, but also helps to connect with yourself and your body. Learn to share intimacy with  Your partner, communicate openly and respect yourself and others.

Tantric massage also has a positive effect on health. It reliably relieves you of tension and stress, relaxes muscles and supports blood circulation. It has a beneficial effect on lack of energy, anxiety and depression caused by lack of care and intimate touch. I can teach you healthy self-love as well as respect and openness in  partnerships. It can help with problems with  erection, prostate, premature ejaculation, painful intercourse or non-physiological problems with  pregnancy.

Tantric massage for couples is also very popular because it promotes mutual attraction and trust and brings new knowledge and interesting inspiration.

Tantric massage and hygiene 

During tantric massage, a feeling of physical purity is very important. Our massage parlors are equipped with a shower, which is available before and after the massage.

I also take a shower before the massage and treat my  hands with antibacterial soap or gel.